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“‘Your identity is the foundation your life grows upon; so, make sure not to bet on the false one’ – This is the mantra on which, I, Ravi, a trans man from Mumbai, live by now but realising this has not been an easy one-day task.


‘Freak! Don’t come to the class again!’ ‘Mental! You do not belong here’ – words like these are what filled my childhood; not fun moments with friends or support from family. Days during my childhood felt like carrying a huge weight that always tried to push me down. So, when this hostile environment pushed me beyond my capacity to keep holding on, I decided to forge upon my own path seeking my own place of belonging.


Make no mistake, it was not all a happy-go-lucky moment when I stepped out of my home for the first time searching for jobs. I had to focus on the positive vibes to help me confront my fears and grow my self-confidence. Things looked completely lost, when my supervisor at my previous workplace found out about my identity of a trans man. But, even this too did take a turn towards the better. I started to find trust and acceptance within my colleagues and was able to work harder.


Through the support of PeriFerry, I have now been able to find an even more inclusive workplace that truly encourages people to bring their whole selves to work. I have allies who always back me up and encourage me to grow stronger.


To all my trans brothers, I would only urge you to be your true self and never give up on the hope of living your life to the fullest. You don’t need anyone else’s validation. Look within to overcome challenges and aspire big. Life is after all, a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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