20 year-old, black/hispanic, bisexual man Peanut in New York City. Peanut (not his legal name) was born in The Bronx. He has been homeless since he was 17. Behind the scenes photography and video and assistant: Juan Pablo Ampudia, juanpablo@cuartocreativo.com. Phone +52 1 55 8676 5741. Photography by Robin Hammond, pitures@robinhammond.co.uk. Editor: Mallory Benedict, Mallory.Benedict@natgeo.com, +1 202.791.1282. 03 April 2019

Peanut /

“Sometimes I would wonder if I was different and why a lot of things I did or thought of didn’t make sense. So many people hated, dislike, talked about and made fun of me, I just thought oh this is it, nothing else today I guess. I’ll take away the empty space there really was no need for me here, it’s just not my time, then I started thinking of ways to just go and never come back. I tried running away, didn’t work so I attempted to hang myself several times, now when I thought I had finally did it I slipped out…”

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