Patty & Bello /

Patty and Abena

We are not heard
We are not seen
We are invisible
we are too mean
we’re too quite
we move in silence
Because we are scared to be our brightest
we are too afraid to just be ourselves
wondering why our families are not sharing their wealth
we are so tired of all the hate and doubt
Are we just here?
sitting in the wind
Do people see us? Do they even know we are here
Screaming so loud
They walk, like they do not hear our plea
No one cares about us
No one will ever need us
No one will ever like us
what we see don’t matter
How we feel don’t matter
what we need doesn’t matter
Nothing we do will matter
No one will ever Love us
Sometimes there is shame
But we will love each other, even when it’s hard.

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