Nude Pacifico /

“I am comrade Nude Pacifico, fruit of the working class.  

My past self belongs to an area code where the structure in place has been subjected to crushing assimilation and control.  This leaves not a lot of room for sexual exploration. Underdevelopment has material consequences, priorities are aligned in a different way.  

Since I have come to the colonial court, reclaiming what colonialism, capitalism and imperialism took away and now that my material conditions are better, I have been able to expand my horizons and explore my sexuality.  A day will come when the rest of the world will have conditions that exist out here.  There are laws, protections, time and security that allow exploration of the many layers of your humanity.  All of this liberties aren’t been giving to this lands by exceptionalism but rather by the exploitation of the rest of the world – meaning our comfort and securities comes from the looting and exploitation of everybody else.

Gender is just another tool used for control.  I can’t imagine how a cisgender person contends with crushing weight all of the boxes one has to stay in because of it. If I were a cisgender man, the thought of pleasure would be limited to the confines of that structure.

The colonial/imperial order is ingrained in every aspect of life – Grindr, Pride on Church street in Toronto.  Explain to me how the vanguard of the queer movement were black and brown, trans souls, yet we ended up with cis, white homosexual impositions of queer culture. Queerness has been used for capital profiteering and to pink wash imperialism. I truly don’t think there’s much to celebrate when you see the struggle and subjugation of the most vulnerable in our global community. There is no liberation until all of our comrades live in dignity. Period.”

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