Ntwari /

“My name is Ntwari and am from Rwanda. Am finally out to both of my parents and I should say that wasn’t easy. Growing up in an image-conscious family, Christian and downright conservative, I was risking so much. My Mom went silent for a while until she thought it right to send me a couple of slurs and insults via text message. My Dad went ahead to ask that I don’t throw anything gay in his face, as far as he is concerned that’s something he doesn’t want to occupy his mind. He also went as far as to say that I was dead to them, in short, I am ostracized from my family. In retrospect I wasn’t expecting much, we are a very dysfunctional family that puts up a facade, just like many others. Am learning to deconstruct and reconstruct a lot of toxicity that I’ve been taught and the goal is not perfection. Showing myself a little grace.”

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