35 year old gay man Nana (last name withheld). 10 years ago he tested HIV positive. He has been on ARVs (Anti retroviral medication) for seven years. For the first three years he did not address his illness until his health took a negative turn. Speaking about the positive test result he says: “In the beginning it wasn't easy because that's what I say, blame games. I also started looking around. So, where did I got it? Where did I got it, where did I got it? But after taking the medication, thinking positively, I'm okay.” Explaining why he didn’t want to show his face when being photographed he says: “If you are even diagnosed HIV, you can even lose your job without them not telling you that because of this that your job is being taken away from you. They find a way, and then you are off. So that is why my face need not to be shown.” 07 March, 2018. Ghana. Photo Robin Hammond/Witness Change

Nana /

“Living as an MSM is difficult in Ghana. I’m a 35 year old MSM guy here. It all started ten years ago when I met a man in a Abaasa, and we exchanged numbers. I visited him later and it all started, but before then I was feeling sexual urges for the same sex. Since then, I realized I was an MSM. I have since been living that way. The challenges here are that it is difficult accessing health care. Although some ARV sites are friendly, most are not. Stigma is everywhere in the community or workplaces. Blackmailing is also everywhere. As most LGBT don’t know their rights, there should be more education on human rights activities.”

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