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“I was in Senegal in 1983 and since my childhood I felt adversity against me. The other boys of the neighborhood were always attacking me and they used to call “boy yambaar” that means in my african original language “weak boy”. My parents and my relatives seemed also that they didn’t want me. The most absurd think is that I didn’t understand the reason of all this adversity because I was just a child.

In the end of 80s my father emigrated to Italy and we reached him in 1992. I felt very relieved because for sure my original country wasn’t the right place to stay. However growing up in Italy wasn’t that easy.
Also here I was bullied and discriminated. First I thought that it was for my colour skin or because I was the nerd of the town. Later I will understand that there was something more.

The most critical moment was during high school when my classmates avoided me and when I was walking in the streets people called me “negro frocio”( nigger faggot). All these episodes hurted a lot and the worst thing is that I was getting same insults in family too.

I suffered of a depression that became more critical when I finished school and my family tried to heal me from my ” disease ” by hiring a psychologist. They obliged me to take medicines that just ruined my health.

All people that I knew turned me back and I realized that for me was time to change air; but it wasn’t easy because I wasn’t born in Europe and my family did everything to prevent me from getting my Italian citizinship.
The thing that saved me is that I was very inclined for study and I even I faced many troubles , I achieved to get my foreign languages diploma and I managed to find some jobs as far as I get my European passport.

Finally In october 2014 ( the month of my birthday) I became officialy an Italian citizin. From that moment I knew that NOBODY could me prevent from living my life.
So I moved to Gran Canaria, a Spanish island in front of Morocco coast. It was like going back home and problably I can say that I start living just from the moment I came here.

To forget all the harassments I suffered in my life, problably I need another life. Anyway now I am a free person and I am thankful to God and life in general. This is the reason I decided to create the facebook fanpage “The world is beautiful” and I wrote an omonymous book which be released in Amazonat at the end of November.
Even though I faced many troubles since my chillhood I never lost faith and I am very thankful of someone above there; life is beautiful, just bad people made you think that it’s not like this.
I learned to appreciate what I have and to be mself, like RICKY MARTIN said to audience during its concert in Gran Canaria last 9 September.

I hope that readiing my story you can also find your way and be always positive whatever they did you
God will help you!”

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