Marcio 2

Márcio /

“I’m Márcio Albino, 22, brazilian and a proud gay man. Brazil doesn’t have “sodomy” as crime since 1830, monarchy time. And homosexuality is present in the very foundations of our society. But Brazil also have fevers. Sometimes you could experiment free times and sometimes you experience dictatorships in ascension. As a gay activist without any financial support, I try to engage LGBT people in the local community and remember them that if we don’t fight for our rights we cannot blame when they are violated. Brazil is known world around as a friendly country, warming and sensual. And it is. But also is home of hate crimes against LGBT community, specially trans people. I am not afraid to hold my rainbow flag in front of my home, or going with it in parties. But I know how is to be scared while walking night at streets. My dream is that together, we could create an enviroment where, if happens abuse towards us, we will have at least justice at our side.”

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