Marc McCay /

“Growing up in a war torn country where as a boy you are required to be strong, be brave and not be queer, almost killed my spirit. I always knew I was different. I didn’t understand separation, the divide between differences. My grandparents were farmers and becoming a man meant hunting your first antelope at 12. I’ve never shot a gun since then. I left home at 17, I didn’t fit in, when I could I left for the UK. I have been back in Zimbabwe now for eight years where homosexuality is illegal. It is home, I have discovered that I am able to balance who I am with the country that I love by being outdoors and doing a job I love. Living here is not easy, not only with our economic climate, but a very small gay community as most people have left to other countries. I am blessed to be working and living in a holistic non judgemental environment that welcomes all in the spirit of Ubuntu. At times we are thought to be of the devil, Zimbabwe is around 90% Christian, we have an education system that is draconic, where differences are not celebrated. The world is changing, I no longer wish to live in a masculine dominated dictated world where one must prove ones self. Old beliefs are fading and all I feel is required is an open heart to create change”

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