Luis /

“For me, being gay has been very hard. In my country isn’t illegal, but I’ve been raised in a pentecostal christian family, listening every day of my live than homosexuality is a sin and all gays go to hell.

When I find out I was GAY (11 Yo, maybe), I was so scared. I didn’t tell anybody, until I was 15, when a friend of mine told it AT school and people became to laughed at me. Before, people used offensive words with me, and I was punched a few times. After all people knew it, i felt depressed, without friends or someone to talk to.

At high school, I met some people who accepted me just the way I am, without judging. they helped me a lot to know to love and accept me, But my family still didn’t.

At college, I came out, and had a lot of gay and lesbian friends, had a good time, dating and living my life, until my mom discovered everything. She told me if I had decided that, she won’t help me TO finish school. I was so scared but I talked to her, tried TO explain myself as I could, and she accepted it.

Now I’m 23, I’m a graduate MEDICAL surgeon, working on my comunity, expecting became a traumatologist. I’m happy with who I am, and try to tell my mom and everybody everyday than being gay is not wrong, because we are just human BEIngS, looking for love, peace and dreams, just like anyone else.”

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