Kemal /

“I’m a muslim guy born in a Turkish family. I came out for my homosexuality when I was 15. For my family this was not ok. So I moved by my own at my 17 without nothing. Now 12 years later I’m very strong and powerful. I love my life and everything. I met good people, now I’m 8 years together with my boyfriend and 5 years married with him. He and his family are now also my family. I see my own family too but they don’t talk about my life, my husband, my happiness. I always tell my story to young Muslims to make it clear that you can be happy by your own choices to choose. In my young time I have had it difficult through on my 16 years at home to tell that I was gay. Everyone is free to choose how they want to live. Regardless of their faith. Muslims can also be happy with their orientation.”

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