“My name is Junior Miteo Kalonji,
33 years old from Congo DRC

I study and finish my Degree in RELATION INTERNALE by University of Lumbumbashi, in my contry and m Gay.
I have to chore my history with every bady and terrible history I had in my life.

I come in RSA because was attacted by only people and my comunity and, the time I was in 2en Graduat was in Relation ship with Erick Kanku.. and Hi was 19 years old and was 23 years old for a long we was together, in relation ship, it was secret betwen me and him no one knows what was happening in hour relation ship, Erick Father is was, a SOLDA and power ful, persone, n the time Erick parents kwes Erick was Gay? Erick friend was gay, but to close and best friend to Erick, go stret to informe Erick parents to told theme Erick is gay and is going out wich Junior.
Is the time my parents know I was Gay, Erick parents go tru to my Father House to make trouble and to try to find me and kill me. So my parents the was verry gross to me and abset, it was not easy for my familly so, Erick father want to put Erick in prison; the time Erick houd that Erick kill him self in 2009. I use to ruin to ZAMBIA because I was not salft, and my family use to send me some money and to come in RSA.
The Faiting betwen Erick familly and my familly use to be very very bad in Congo.

In RSA; it was toff for me I could even to enjoy it, was to much stressing, loose control any way, in 2009 in April. The time is arrived in RSA I go to Homarfaire for SylumSiker the give me a Refuges STATUS for 2 years, and I start to forgert and to be strong.
In RSA, was be in attacd by my community, Homophobia, and regect me by evry body because Erick story was in the News so all my contry knows about that so till now am not free. I try to find some to recover me and to try to remoove my stress but I thing it was Good to me?? Shame on you image, in 2011, october, was story wich my boy friend frome Congo to gether it was killd again by my people because we Gay the try to kill me first; the time I come to stop theme and is was Killd by 2 Guys from my contry BOBO and CLAUDE.They killer. Evry day till now an not free in public Area, taxi, in the train, all way get insolted by peopol, all the time and I cant go bc to my contry because about Erick Story. That is my story.”

Junior fled his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2009 after his first boyfriend, Erik, committed suicide. Erik killed himself by drinking poison after his parents found out he was gay and threatened to send him to prison. Erik’s father was a soldier and very powerful in DRC. The father went to Junior’s house and started an argument between the two families. It ended when Erik’s father pulled out his gun and fired shots at Junior’s father. Junior’s father went looking for his son in order to take him to his dead boyfriend’s father. Junior’s sister called him to warn him. Junior went into hiding until he could organize to leave the country. Within a week he had started the dangerous journey by land from DRC to South Africa. In South Africa Junior was still not safe. In 2011 Congolese citizens in South Africa found Junior and set out to kill him. His boyfriend of 10 months intervened and was himself killed. The murderers were never convicted. Junior continues to fear for his life.

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