“I never really come out, because it’s too dangerous in my country. My country’s acceptance of homosexual is the lowest in the region. It took me 5 years to finally accept myself, and 8 years to finally find someone who is truly love me. She loves me so much, she’s endangered herself, just to be with me.  Me and my partner are together for 3 years, and it’s not an easy relationship. Her parents found out about us and threatened to report me to the police. I was gonna leave her because I was afraid of her safety, but she still fight by asking me to wait for her and never leave, because she will try to find a way so we could be together again. We did. We’re still together secretly, and someday, we’re gonna meet her parents and my parents to come out and live together. We know that it’s dangerous in this country. We could, and will get disowned, but as long as we have each other, we’re okay. Our hope is to move to more friendly country, but If we can’t move, we will try to survive.”

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