Imran /

“It all began in college I was dating with this guy who one time tries to go into penetrative sex, and I told him we should wait, he was pissed so he went ahead telling all my other friends and class mates that I was gay and tried to seduce him but he refused, he did all this behind my back, it reached a time it spread to my dormitory till one time a friend confronted me and asked me if I was gay he was a class above me and he approached me on the playground along with his friends.

I was so embarrassed, I felt small, out of place and froze for a moment but I denied it because I feared the consequences, next morning I went to class and found a drawing mocking me on the blackboard and when I got in everyone looked at me in hatred, disgusting way to the extent that they pulled their lockers away from mine and I was left isolated.

So when the teacher came in and asked why the class was acting strange one guy went ahead and shouted than Imran is gay and can’t be anywhere near him. Immediately got aching stomach, I was shaking. I felt like dying or sinking into the floor.

With time it became worse it had spread over the entire school in less than a week, a group of students stormed my bed one morning cursing, some spitting on me pushing me and then went ahead to strike that they wanted me out of school because I was gay.

It got worse at this point even the school administration couldn’t take it any more so they had to involve in my parents (mother a single mother). I was locked in the headmaster’s office for my safety till later on.

She didn’t even have to listen o what am to say, she told me I was a disgrace and I wasn’t worthy being her son, she went ahead to disowning me there and then in front of the entire school and its staff and that I would rather be dead than having me alive as gay.

She then walked away and left me on my knees begging for her atleast listen to what I have to say, the head teacher then asked me to leave his school, I left school while being mocked , laughed at, one that day hated myself to the extreme I felt I wasn’t worthy living, where was I to start from? How when the only person I trusted in the world turned her back on me? And this was the beginning of my suffering.”

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