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“HI, for anyone who read this text, you’re so lucky, you are life in right place than me.
I’m so sorry for my bad English, you can correct it.
I’M from INDONESIA, the country that very tolerant about religion but not about my IDENTITY. I’m 17 years old. Actually I’m very love with this country, PEOPLE, nature, climate. But sometimes if I getting BULLIED, I just want to GO away from THis fuckn COUNTRY. 2017 my family know about my IDENTIty, you know my parents react of course, raised by Moslem family MAKES my family disagree about Me being GAY. My mom tell me to get GIRLFRIEND for hide my IDENTITY. Yeah, I do that today, I have a girlfriend even I don’t love his. Bully also COME from my older SISTER, she always throw word that hurts me, she always said ‘FAGOt’ to his little brother for no reason why. Can YOU feel that? :( social life can receive me and my family do that. So where should I GO?. I’m also get bully IN school, girls in my class always thought I’m a girl, but I’m not looks like girl, I’m normally LOOKs like normal BOY. I just dreaming place THAT I can show my IDENTIty in PEACEFULLY. Without being BULLIED. After all of this happens to ME, I’m just a LONER, I like SPEND my time in QUITe COld place, maybe forest, lake, i just want to go FROm they. They hwo bullied me because im DIFFERENT.”

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