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“Dear Yari and Abdullahi Dass (Prison Warders),

You should both know that I will never forgive you in my life for what you have done to me in prison. When we were arrested, me and my friend, and taken to prison – Yari, used to pour cold water on us and flog us with a fan belt, and stick.

Every morning he will come to our cell, take us out and take us from cell to cell and make the other prisoners laugh at us. There was a day when my sister visited me in the prison, and in her presence you started insulting me. You were saying that if I was your brother you would have execute me already. Immediately my sister started crying because of what you said. When she left, you flogged me 25 times with a horse whip.

Abdullahi Dass, you too, I will never forgive you. You would always bring us out of the cell and make us fetch faeces from the Soak-Away. We would cry while you laughed at us. You used to say that you knew me for almost ten years, that if only you had had the chance, you would have executed me.

That was my humiliating experience for 45 days in prison. When I cam back home, my family said I would not stay in the house because of the shame I brought on the family. Now I stay with a friend. Because of what you both did to me, I hate you so much and will never forgive you. Every time I remember what you did, I feel as if I should leave this world.”

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