Faith /

“‘Sorry, there’s a misunderstanding issue here. You see, your name and the way to present yourself, is totally different from your ID. Well, at first i thought that you’re a real girl, but… hm im so sorry despite of your qualifications, we have certain rules to adhere’

I will always appreciate their time and somehow have a little hope and faith that they might change their minds. Thats always been me, Faith, a transgirl who always believe in miracle.

Back in my country, the numbers in the community is so small and always been discriminated from many aspects including scoring a job. For this reason, so many of us been taking education for granted because simply, there’s no guarantee in profession. Luckily for me, i have a very supportive parents, that always remind me ‘there’s will always be a way with knowledge and education.’

Yes, it is true, struggle is indeed real, 

But i believe if we stand together and show them what we capable of, we can live in an equality in just a matter of time. 

and for my fellow sisters out there who’s still struggling to find a job and to earn life, keep it going babe, you’ll find what is suitable for you. Trust be ive been there.


Faith Said”


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