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“I am a 26 years old trans woman originally from Venezuela, currently living in Argentina. Even tho moving saved my life, ain’t easy to be trans anywhere in the world yet.

When I lived in Venezuela I developed depression and anxiety since I was 16, of course due to many reasons, but mostly because I wasn’t able to accept myself as trans. Latin countries are still really misogynist and intolerant regarding LGBT+ people.

Sometimes people tell me I’m in a privilege spot for having a legal job, studies or knowing more than one language. But with that is not enough to make me feel satisfaction. In Argentina we have the gender identity law (which sometimes is hard for entities as insurance companies stand by our rights) and in Venezuela there is not even yet a Same sex marriage law (and because of for the situation there would not be time to think for that when minor human rights are not been fulfilled).

In Argentina 90% of trans community are not able to finish their high school, the rate life expectancy is 35 years old (mostly due to violence or suicide/depression, I was almost part of that statistics two years ago but then I finally spoke my truth I seek for help to start the beautiful journey I’m at now no matter how hard have been), the biggest part have to do sexual jobs as the only way to be able to afford life.

I’m currently studying a program to get bachelor’s degree both in Business Administration and Finance at the same time and I don’t just want to be part of the Finance world recognized as a trans woman who accomplished it in an environment mostly filled with Cisgender men, but to have a platform to help my peers to continue their studies and are able to get jobs who give them rights as a medical insurance so can get our needs of the transitions quicker. Ain’t been easy to do it by myself because most of my direct family stop talking to me when I started my HRT, but I’m finally on a place where I can say I’m able to not only help others with that but to continue no matter what achieving every goal I have with the people that decided to love and join me in my true happiness so I know that eventually with time things would get into place and one by one will come.

Thank you for your time,

Best Regards.

Emma Alcedo”

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