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“I found my sexual orientation when I was in junior school. In my eighth grade there were two girls who expressed their love to me, but I totally felt nothing. I was more than sacred because none of my friends or classmates had the same situation and that in china you will be overwhelmed by harsh words and discrimination from parents if you say you are gay. Now I am in college and I have a boyfriend, yet neither of us told our parents our relationship, especially him. My boyfriend came from a extremely big conservative family in south china, and their family harboured the notion that being gay is a humiliating thing and if unfortunately you are a gay you should immediately get married with a woman to cover that so-called black history.. as far as my family is concerned, they always avoid talking about same sex issues and constantly told me that if people are gay, they are gonna have hiv and stuff like that. Everytime they mentioned things like getting married with a beautiful girl, having a baby, I just pretended to be happy hearing that, but my heart is crying and god knows how much I wanna tell them I am gay. I expect noting but respect from my parents or strangers who are homophobic. I just want the society can become more tolerant foe us LGBT individuals. love is all about chioices, not gender, and i really want international community can do something to let china openly and optimistically discuss gay rights issue with lgbt people instead of a bunch of government officials who didn’t even want to talk about it. We really need help right here in china.”

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