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“At the age of 12, I fell in love with my female teacher, and I saw a dream where I was making out with her and it was surprising for me. I did not understand at the time and I thought the dream was not real, but I did not have a problem with my feelings about the dream. However, I did think that it would be difficult to be with girls, and hard to be with them.

I had feelings for boys before the age of 15, and I had boyfriends. However, when I had a girlfriend, then things started shifting fully, because I did not realize that I can be at peace with my feelings. I can be with boys if it is the only option, but my feelings to girls are definitely more than it is to boys. I do prefer girls for sure, and thus I see myself more as a Lesbian.

I was 15 when I came out to myself. But my mother knew because she saw my messages with my girlfriend at the age of 16, and I eventually came out to her at the age of 19.

Last two years, my mom became more easy or better with it, but she used not to take it very seriously and was not happy about it.

The process of coming out continues until now because my mom sometimes pretends she does not know about it and thinks it is temporary.

Some of the challenges is when guys tell me that I never met a real man and that is why I am choosing to be a Lesbian. They ask me to have a threesome with them which is extremely offensive because they want the fantasy of me and a girl to be making out while them having sex with us. They call me a bitch when I do not give them much attention.”

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