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“I Came out and it was HORRIFIc.when i started dating my GIRLFRIEND in 2015 my mom found out and threatened to mobilise people against me.she called me delvish ,a pagan.i ignored all This until this YEAr 2020 when i decided to come out .hell broke lose.

My mom threayened to kill me.i ran away.i couldnt go to my house because she threaytened to come there and attack my gf and i

Ihad to relocate for my safety and that of my gf.i would get texts from my mom about how am evil,after a few months in hiding i decided to come back coz i saw things had cooled down but that was not the case.MY mom and my girlfriends mom have JOINed hands to separate us.they threatened to call YOUNG men To attack us and also take action against us.i WAs KICKEd out of my house and they even paid the area CHIef to threaten me. My girlfriends mom sends me threatening messages to live her daughter own mother ridicules ME,insults me,calls me devilish,says am an embarassment.says It be better if i was a grandmother told me am demonic and a priest was brought to cast out demons in me .i got so angry and told them i am not possessed.i am now living in fear and shame.i cant go to my. GIRLFRIEND’S house ,our parents have people spying on us and the authorites have been notified.i cant do anything the person i thought WOuld protect me turned against me .my own mother hates me because am gay”

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