Danielle /

“Being Bi

I’m too masculine to lay under a man, but too feminine to top a bitch.
And I call her a bitch when I’m with my niggas because that’s the only way I can fit in.
And when they bash women the way they do. I have to keep the comments to a mute before I say something I may regret and become a bitch too.
I can alternate my attire bit it doesn’t compliment my position
I can wear a skirt and slouch into my seat
Or wear a suit with some gloss, just listen
I’ve come a long way in my converse and vans
Don’t need open toad heels to prove I’m not a man
I can still be a woman with my hair low and my heels lower
With hair under armpits, because I’m a grower
Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I change my partner daily
The stigma buttoned to my label and I just want to be treated fairly
In my own community they tell me to choose
As if picking a side was something I’d ever do
And I play it over in my head how my label is presented in everything I do, and the people in my community still get it miconstrued
Now I’m “half lesbian”
“still strong at the end pf the day”
And when we talk about flags and representation we turn to a rainbow cloth for the gays
And the gays have had so much to say to me over the years
Biphobic jones in my face and slurs in my ear
So I did what any sane person would do
I took it back and made the words mine
Called myself a hybrid with the straightening of my spine
Spit them on my paintbrush, so on my canvas if applies
That I can live sorta free from the stigmas around me being gay.”

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