Cris /

I am merely your mirror

“Today was a tough day and I want to share why to protect my community. I have been facing discrimination and verbal harassment when using the rest/locker rooms. Today I was the center of a person’s jokes because of how I present and even laughed at by others that were around for it. I did not tolerate this behavior toward me or did I allow that person to make me feel ashamed of who I am. I firmly advocated for myself, my community and put that person in their place. To be honest, I am so fucking proud of myself, even though right now I am hurting. I was grateful to have my fiancé by my side that made sure I was protected in the moment as well.

Imagine each time going into a rest/locker room not knowing how others will react to you. It’s a lot emotionally and physically when you are just trying to exist. Please be kind to people, all different kinds of people. Know that people are using certain rest/locker rooms for a reason. People come in all different appearances. We are human, you are human.  I am merely a mirror of everything you and a human can be. Do not let that anger you, let that free, heal and Inspire you to live authentically as you.

Lastly, please check on your trans friends as we are in a time where being harassed publicly is normalized especially due to all of these anti-trans laws being passed.

To my siblings, let’s continue to exist like we always have and always will. we deserve love and space like everyone else! We are enough. We are key that the world needs to heal and grow.”

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