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“I’m actually french, but I lived for a very long time in China due to my father’s job. At first, I didn’t wanna go, but I soon changed my mind. It was the best years of my life, I realized so many things, on my personality, on who I could love, on who I am in general. The thing is, China is my second home, however, bisexuality or homosexuality is so despised, even hated, people would just keep it a secret. I remember kissing this girl in a bar and being pushed by two men who thought they own the world, and who insulted us. The girl ran away, I never saw her again. It seems like it’s nothing compared to other stories, a small detail, but I’m only left with wonder, on how this story could have become. I love China, but it’s hard to love when u feel unsecured, and weak.”


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