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“Since Sempa (homophobic pastor) described how we dress, that’s when Ugandans started to know who we are – from that time we started being pointed at. Men promised to rape me and teach me how to be a proper woman. We faced abuses because of what he said.

So many opportunities are missed out because people don’t look at my abilities, they look at my sexuality, even when they know you are good at it, they won’t even look at you because of your sexuality. People come up with a lot of stories, they say we are given money to recruit people into homosexuality. It’s very dangerous. The world we sit with, we Kuchus, can be hurt, they beat you, attack you, rape you. We can’t take anything for granted. I must be very careful with everything I do.

The discrimination, verbal and physical attacks that I had to go through because of my sexuality, still moves with me in my heart and makes me dream of that Uganda when LGBT persons will be seen like any other human being i.e. doctors, engineers, teachers, mothers, fathers as well as God fearing people. But even with all this I have lived to be recognized as a leader, rugby player and a feminist who will continue to fight until all of us are see equal.”

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