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Basem /

“i hope the human rights watch or the united nations read my story “

Hi my name is Basem  I’m a 32 years old Bahraini citizen identified as queer it seems i was born in this world to feel sorrow and rejection, i am literally an outcast

i am unable to fit in my country many locals here enjoy their sexual prefrences except for me coming out as Gay put my life at risk our beloved small kingdom of Bahrain is so diverse people with diffrent nationalities enjoy their freedom but in my case it’s different because I’m local my people treat me less i am a victim to this homophobic society i have been subjected to homophobic hatred and physical attacks i am in a life threating situation i was forced to undergo Phsychiatric treatment the nurse there were so harmful they used excessive violence against me i was locked up and restrained no LGBTQ person should experince that

The police don’t take my reports into account while i was celebrating the new year day of 2021  i almost got killed by a group of thugs when they approached me i was attacked but the police ignored my statment,  i even provided pictures of the persons. no actions has been taken yet 

My family members abandoned me especially my evil brother who wishes me to die  but that’s not all i have no friends no partner i have had bad relationships in the past hence i don’t attach to anyone  because i came across many blackmails and scammers,fake people 

i am sick of this cruel society people mentality is so shallow they judge me based on my appearance i can’t grow full beard like the rest of the men in here i have been discriminated and terminated from many jobs now i suffer unemployment 

I can’t share my personal picture for my privacy and due to political issues after the 2011 crackdown there’s still ongoing political instability”

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