Badili Jones-Goodhope /

“Rejection in anything is hell. Sometimes it’s for the best.

I said all of this when I just turned 61. Now I am 62, all most 63 but still true to me.

I am a Black, gay, socialist. I’ve been rejected and kicked around for any one or any combination of these factors. Age, race, sexuality, political orientation. Constant messaging is I’m not supposed to be. Twenty years ago somebody asked me, ‘why are you still alive’ More black gay men than I can count would have been 62 but didn’t make. Man who would have been in their fifties didn’t make it. I HAVE FELT THEIR ABSENCE ALL MY LIFE. I have been redbaited and lost jobs because I believe there is something better than racist, patriarchal , heteronormative, capitalism for beings and |I try to work to make it happen.

“The thongs that make you exceptional if you are at all is inevitably that which must also make you lonel” Lorraine Hansberry

Being who you are is not a choice. You have to choose to not let the indifference and rejection break you. You have to choose that in not being loved that you don’t stop holding space for love.

Sometimes, actually often, I don’t feel part of anything and I feel I’m on the margins od everything.”

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