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“I am was born and raised in a very conservative society I always felt different for example since I was a child I always loved my make up and “girly stuff ” growing up I faced many problems I was bullied and called names in school and I actually still see the hate and hear mean comments on the dad and I never been in a good relationship.I was insulted threatened and rejected for being who I am. When someone ask me about my identity or sexual orientation I prefer not to answer because I don’t believe in the labels humans have created I prefer to say I am a human because the word woman doesn’t represent me and either the word man. I decided to face the world and never be ashamed of showing my true colors ! Thanks to the struggles I faced because without them I Wouldn’t be the person I am today. My message to young people among the LBGTQIA community is never be afraid for being different  u were born this way and u’re simply perfect the way you are

I spent nights crying tears on cheeks tears on my pillow I couldn’t cry out loud because if someone hear me they would think I am a monster and pervert I felt so weak and alone I hated myself and I tried to change but one day I stood up and said to myself what if this would be ur last day in life would care about what others say would u care about all the people who are trying to put u down ? I decided to be the version’ of me and not let anyone tell me what or who I am supposed to be I went to a tattoo shop I tattooed the word hope so I can remind myself that always no matter what happens no matter how hard it seems one day the blur will fade and the sun will shine now even though all the restrictions that society is trying to put on me I still feel optimistic about a better tmrw I still feel strong and confident because once someone dear to my heart told me that those people who are judging us are in fact the ones who wish to be like us but they’re weak to show themselves and be proud of their differences. Now I am working with many organization I am learning a lot about myself I am strong than ever and absolutely prouder than I’ve ever been. It doesn’t matter how hard the situation seems because at the end of the day the situation does not own,you own the situation”

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