Arash /

My nickname is Arash Randy.
I was born in Iran and lived in Iran for 24 years. im now 29.
After I was 24 years old, I escaped from Iran to Turkey and I applied for asylum.
After spending 14 months in Turkey, I decided to move to Germany alone.
Homosexuality is illegal in Iran and I had many problems because of being homosexual in Iran.
People at the age of 18 killed my boyfriend with a knife because we wanted to live together in a house.
I did not have permission to study at the school. Because of being homosexual and I was studying at night school.
I finished my studies and went to college with many problems and after 3 years I was fired.
I started working as a driver because of my many problems.
At the age of 23 I met a man and we love him.He was 21 years old.
At the age of 24, my police arrested me during Ramadan.
I escaped from Iran with the help of friends and family. I went to Turkey. I was waiting for my boyfriend to take a passport to come to me.
After six months my friends told me bad news. My boyfriend was killed. His father killed him. When he wanted to come to me.
I currently live in Germany and see the world black.
Black and silence, I don’t even see a soul.”

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