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“‘May I know how many days you need to TRANSFORM YOURSELF INTO A MAN’

The moment my HR manager from previous workplace mentioned this straight to my face, my heart stops. No breath can sing along with my beat. I’m clueless and numb. True what people said, opportunity is good for someone’s career. But that ‘someone’ is not like other human being. That ‘someone’ name is @applegreenluna. Hi! My name is Apple and this is my story.

That statement happened recently in November 2019. Which I taught that I will be in the peak of victory in the history of my career for 9 years as academician. Being a loud educated transgender woman as a lecturer I am well prepared mentally and physically that this will be a bumpy road for me. Usually as transgender woman, we are always being seen in Entertainment industry, Fashion industry or Peagent industry. 

Back in April 2019, employment discrimination, however, is nothing new to me, I’ve been laughed out of interviews for so many years. Live in Malaysia, and there are minimal laws in Malaysia that protect people like me, I can be fired for being who I am. A long discussion between me and management has been done and I rise like a phoenix roaring that ‘I couldn’t stay silent: I had to say something!’ I choose to fight with the most powerful weapon in this world; KNOWLEDGE! 

I choose to fight this battle alone. I won’t involve any lawyer or any media due to my reputation as social media influencer here in Malaysia. This story can be easily twist by media and parade this into a bad scene. Calmly I spoke to the person in charge and I told her that, I’m giving them two options: either to pay me in advance of 6 months’ salary and I will volunteer resign without any words from me OR they have to wait for my contract period is done.

I believe they choose to kill me slowly with the second option. They make my life suffer within the period of my contract. I bare it with deep heart with all the rules they gave to me. First,im not allow to wear any dresses or woman attire. Second, strongly prohibited that I can use the lady washroom. In this matter, I have to travel to 4 block of building just to go for a washroom. 

Time is my biggest enemy. I’m rushing myself to get new job before my contract is done. I pray and seeking help from HIM. HE answered. Dear my transgender women sisters, I found out that there comes a time when, if we are going to be true to ourselves, to each other and to society. You have to rock the boat, and and hopefully it doesn’t turn over and we all drown, but I can swim, and I will swim my arm to help you who can’t swim.

And now I must say, I live in the place that finally I can tell myself, ‘to the another 40 years as lecturer!’ 

With love,

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