Polaroid 2

Amina /

Growing up in Tunisia is not as bad as it is, but it’s tiring. We’re not like other Arabic countries, but we are also not like Europeans, so we grow up having an identity disorder.

I discovered I was bi at the age of 15. Since I only had relationships with girls before. We only learn about sex in porn. It was also my case, so I hated myself for not having big boobs, for not being blonde. Meanwhile there was a revolution happening in Tunisia. People are sick of dictatorship and the violence of the police. Only then I realized, that a human being can change and I’ve changed. I started being a rebel without a cause. I would say no just to say no. A friend of mine liked it, so she gave me books, DVDs, etc about rebel women. Then I learned how to be a rebel with a cause and fight for something. Freedom and equality.

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