30 year old gay man Alex (not his real name) was raped by a friend and another man on his birthday. After going out for drinks, his friend took him home where another man was waiting. The following day he was physically and mentally hurt. “After I was abused by my guy and his friend, even though I had pains down there seriously, but I didn't think of going to the hospital or the clinic to check for HIV test or something because at that time I was naïve I didn't know much about it. And I trusted him that he wouldn't contract such sickness.” Ghana. 07 March, 2018. Photo Robin Hammond/Witness Change

Alex /

“Alex is my name. 30 years of age. Single, I’m into gay things. At my young age, I was having such feelings but did not know it was a feeling of gay things till I traveled to the city to school. I got realized that one day on my way to school I met this man who asked me to befriends with him. When I saw him, I fell for him too. We became the best of friends for some time and on my birthday we went out to have fun for a while. He brought me to his house. I did not realize I was brought to his house because I was boozed off. I realized myself with two guys in the bed. Him and I, and the other one. And I was very much ashamed and so sad because someone I trust and I wanted to be with could do this thing to me. I was really hurt down there too. So, due to that, I need to get some medicine to calm down the pain.

On my way to school a week later, I saw this guy I fell for and the other guy sitting and chatting at the same place I met him on the first time. As soon as they saw me, they all boost to laughter. I feel very bad at that moment and did not know what to do next. I was very, very sad. And so much ashamed, and being used too. So because of that, I did not use that lane again to school. Because of the shame I was feeling and I was scared too. I might not know what to do next. I wanted to share this issue with someone who could help me to fight for my right but because of the stigma around, did not know whom to go to share this issue with. So I have to keep it to myself and since then I’ve now forget about this sad experience.”

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