Albert /

“I was 29 years old when I told my parents I was gay. Fear stopped me, I always imagined their reaction…
When it happened, I was forbidden to tell anyone I was gay, they threatened me to let me out of the family, they asked me to go to a psychologist to “fix me”, they told me that if I ever had a boyfriend he could never come home or meet them, that if I ever got married no one in the family would come to the ceremony. They now still believe I am mentaly ill and that my sexual orientation makes me a disgusting person.
Even so, we still see each other very often and when I talk about my sexuality it is in a very educational way because I know that they grew up in a dictatorship with an extremely conservative enviroment, but I see no change in their thoughts and I am afraid I will get tired of trying…
I feel that it is for this homophobic enviroment at home, that I have always been embarassed of myself, I have never felt confident exploring my sexuality and never opened emotionaly to boys that I liked.
I have no doub that my parents love me a lot, but they love me wrong.”

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