Adrian Le Peltier /

“My entire life I’ve felt WRONG! An outsider! I never related to the considered ‘NORM’. My ‘NORM’ was considered unacceptable. I was sexually active from a very early age. Being caught at 8 years old engaging in sexual play with my male cousin brought it home to me that my desires were WRONG. My feelings unacceptable to society. We were both threatened with a breaking.

The society I was raised in was excessively Victorian, India under the Raj was even more Victorian than Victorian England. Homosexuality was an unmentionable . Religion played a huge part in guilt. I went to an all boys catholic boarding school. Temptation surrounded me! As I grew into my teens years, I discovered others with my same proclivities. I never kicked open closet doors. I kicked open the womb! I was born gay!”

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