Quincy Kai /

“I’m gay, I’m ethnic. I never understood hatred and I still don’t. Growing up my Fathers side was very traditional in African American roots. That side of my family valued gospel and christ, preaching that Gay people or anyone who was not living based off the bible was going to go to hell, I don’t understand why people show hatred towards one another. My mother is a Chicana, she always wanted me to create my own family and talked about me dating girls but yikes i’m gay, She grew up with no family,no one, Having a close relationship with someone is very important to her. Being brown and living in a town of mainly caucasian people,caused people to bully me. I would get on the bus and they’d say I had to sit on the floor in the back or it was not allowed for me to ride the bus because of my dark skin, even worse when we would ride by the cornfeild they’d say “your turn to get off we’re at the plantation”. Surviving is hard but I study the buddhas teachings now. I never will understand why people hate one another, But I do know that how caring,how loving, how wise, how considerate we are, and how we reach true happiness and contentment are all that matters when we die because that is what is remembered mainly by the ones we loved, that is what makes a difference,not our skin, not our religion, not or culture, and not the hatred. I walk outside with bronze colored skin, bronze is my prize, I am my prize because I am all I will have forever. bronze symbolizes the middle, I will never be the best but I will never lose, as long as I am strong, I will be somewhere in the middle. Be strong and have eternal contentment.”

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