Nael /

“I’m Muslim queer , artist from Saudi, since i was 13 i was playing with makeup, and drawing a bit , when i was growing my gay specifications growed with me, and all of my family noticed that  I’m interested in men ,so do i and they accepted at the end , I always felt that I’m different but at the same time felt i’m normal because that’s who i’m. i faced problem with making friends cause I’m different , I don’t watch sport matches and porn magazines like them and I couldn’t talk about my art cause they thinking art is for women in Saudi , i was thinking I’m the only gay ,when I bought my first mobile . i searched on google about (gay ). 
I found gays stories even in history, also sites and YouTube channels . From this point I started making gay friends on social media i met some of them ether.
I also faced problem with religion, in my country in Islam , gay is sin, although i pray and I’m gay at the same time , imean allah’s created me like this and I’m sure he loves me as much as I love him.
Now after i joined to social media . I made Every picture in my account saying something. For example this picture .
Pink is feelings and ammunitions
Teeth are Manhood and power
The two can be mixed in one person ( queer )
This picture is about Self-defense morally
Via accepting who we are in front of any one wants to destroy our personality on the pretext of religion or Manhood.”

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