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“I was born a rainbow, in a color-blind society. I wasn’t just not allowed to express my gender identity and sexual orientation, but I was also banned from questioning them or even discuss it with my family.
In 2005, I and my family fled the civil war in Iraq and headed to Syria. In Syria, I faced all kinds of discrimination for being an Iraqi refugee, add to that my gender Sexual Orientation and gender identity. I was even fired from my job at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for my sexual orientation. In 2011, the civil war started to get real in Aleppo. My name was on the LGBT purge list by radical Islamist terrorist groups that controlled certain part of Aleppo. I was kidnapped. Gang raped and beat up almost to death by those groups. I did not even dare to go to the hospital to treat my wounds, because I knew that I would be facing criminal charges for my sexual orientation and a possible deportation to Iraq.

I moved to the U.S. with my family to the U.S. as refugees late 2011. I was discriminated against at my workplace at the International Rescue Committee, IRC San Diego, and Wells Fargo Bank when I came out. I decided to sue my workplace and become an activist for the Queer Muslim community. I faced online bullying and public defamation by the mainstream Muslim organizations’ members in San Diego because of my sexual orientation. They still refuse to acknowledge the Muslim community, community but they don’t know that I will never give up until my community will see the light and be treated equally with heterosexual Muslim community. since I was born, they told me I am nothing but a shame to my religion and community. Today I told them, I am a proud Muslim queer”

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