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“My name is Wambi Erukana.  I am 19 years from Uganda.  I am a the last born out of the 6 children in my family.  My late father was monogamous.  My  mom passed away as a result of Hypertension  8 years after I was born.  I was the raised by a single parent who later passed away because of Malaria.  During my childhood I was molested by my elder brother with whom we shared the bed. He used  to take me as his sex toy in ways I may not be able to describe in this story.  Being young, I was terrified to speak out about it with anyone.  I was always bullied by not only my family but also the community because of being soft and having a feminine character. I always felt shy to associate with other boys because they considered me to be a girl, and nicknamed me “musiyazi ” which means gay.   I have been always tormented by this all the time now.

When I reached high school nothing really changed but rather became worse.  Boys in the hostel would force them selves on me by touching me sexually to fulfil their own desires.  Being a homophobic country I live it, I feared to say this to the school authority because I had high chances of getting into trouble due to my feminine character which everyone considered a gay character to a larger extent.

During my high school(2012),I came to accept my sexuality as being gay despite the  torture and bullying I encountered.

In 2016 , as I was about to finish high school,  I met a guy online.  We talked for a while and I thought I had find the right man for a relationship ,he was quite older than me.  When we met, he persuaded me into having sex. I accepted. I felt uncomfortable during the intercourse since it was my first time,. I tried to stop him but he strongly continued until I screamed and some people next room of the guest house interrupted at the door and found us.  I was so scared about this, I hurriedly got my pants and run off for my life because I was scared of what would happen next.

My father having passed away in 2013 , I was left in the care of my grandma.  She was able to help complete my high school.  I couldn’t continue for the moment  because of inadequate funds.

I decided to look for a job until I got to work as in an internet cafe.  It did not turn out well because my boss fired me when he found gay dating sites in the browser history of the PC server I used to work on. So I was fired with alot of embarrassement at the village center. My grandma had about the news and she reacted really bad about it.  She spread the whole news of me being gay among my most relatives who throw all their hate words towards me.  I was forced to live my grandmas house who considered me to be pissed of a gay demon and thus I needed prayers.  I moved in with my step sister in Kampala after coming from my grandma in Jinja.


While here I came to get involved in several gay organizations and also developed a long distance  relationship with a guy named Rasmussen . I work with a gay organization known as Kuchu Shiners Uganda.  Meanwhile I continue with my studies with the help of my boyfriend

My work with this organization had exposed me especially when it comes to my social network on facebook and instagram.  I recently received homophic messages from an anonymous person who even threatened to take my life. It made me really scared because even of recent a member of a different gay organization here was murdered.   In the past I used to receive call from private numbers with the same threatening messages because of my sexuality, with that I tried to change my number.


I am stressed and physcologicaly tortured because of all I have gone through and still going through as a result of my feminine character and sexuality.  I believe love has no gender and everyone should be accepted for whatever sexual orientation he or she or them wants.  I hope I may be able to attain an open life as a gay person in future . I hope everyone gay person should.


Thank you



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